Research proves parent involvement has a major impact on the success of children academically, relationally, and beyond.

The entire community plays an important role in the growth and development of its children. Programs like the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) allow parents to partner with the community and the local schools to participate in goal-oriented activities at all grade levels. Studies prove this links to student achievement and overall school success.

Furthermore, according to a study done by the National Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education, no matter the income or background, students with involved parents are more likely to:

  • Have higher grades and test scores
  • Attend school regularly
  • Have better social skills
  • Show improved behavior
  • Adapt well to school

Increased Academic Achievement

According to research completed by the National Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education, the more intensively involved parents are, the greater the positive impact on that student’s academic achievement.Parent involvement in class reading to students

Furthermore, results from a study shared by informEd show students with two parents in supportive roles are 52% more likely to enjoy school and get straight A’s than students whose parents are disengaged with school happenings. Having at least one involved parent is better than none at all.

Previous research shows that higher parent involvement leads to an increase in a child’s perceived level of competence. As a result, this increased perception is consistently related to higher academic performance.

Better Classroom Behavior

Parent involvement has a positive influence on student attitude and behavior. Parental interest and encouragement toward children often affects attitudes toward school, classroom conduct, self-esteem, absenteeism, and motivation.

Consistency is Key

One statistic observed frequently is that as children go up in a grade, parent involvement in education tends to decline, with a dramatic drop once students reach middle school. According to the National Education Association, lack of parent involvement is viewed by the education system as the single biggest problem facing our nation’s schools.

Increased parent involvement proves to address the school dropout crisis, fostering higher educational aspirations and more motivation within students. This evidence holds true for students at elementary and secondary levels, regardless of the parent’s education, family income, or background.

Additionally, consistent parent involvement throughout later grade levels often results in the child taking next levels of education more seriously.

Methods of Parent InvolvementParent involvement holding hands with child walking down sidewalk

Consider Epstein’s Framework on Involvement, which takes a closer look at the various levels of parent involvement with students.


Assist families with parenting skills, family support, understanding child and adolescent development, and setting home conditions to support learning. Assist schools in understanding families’ backgrounds, cultures, and goals for children.


Communicate with families about school programs and student progress. Create effective and reliable two-way communication between school and home


Get families involved as volunteers. Enable educators to work with volunteers who support students and the classroom.

Learning at Home

Involve families with children in academic learning at home.

Decision Making

Include families as participants in school decisions, governance, and advocacy activities through school councils and other organizations.

Community Collaboration

Coordinate resources for families, students, and the school with community groups, including businesses, agencies, cultural and civic organizations, and colleges or universities.

How PTA Helps

Effective parent involvement comes when a true partnership exists between schools and families. The Parent Teacher Association facilitates these partnerships. The PTA is the oldest and largest child advocacy association in America, encouraging closer links between home and school.Parent involvement in classroom at desks

PTA programs are well integrated with the school’s overall mission and goals. These programs improve schools, strengthen families, build community support, and increase student achievement and success.

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